Saturday, February 10, 2018

Green Cleaning Service: Eco Friendly Cleaner

As society works to become greener, Jani-King has committed itself to providing all of our clients with safe and environmentally responsible green cleaning services. Our green cleaning services use environmentally friendly products while working to reduce contaminants that pollute our Earth.
Jani-King franchise owners are trained in green cleaning service best practices and regularly use:
  • Environmentally preferable products
  • Microfiber systems
  • Floor matting
  • HEPA/ULPA vacuums
  • Specialized chemical dispensing systems
Additional eco-friendly office cleaning practices include:
  • Preferred vendors that offer eco-friendly and green cleaning service products
  • Investing capital towards green cleaning initiatives
  • Development and research on partnering green cleaning products with green cleaning service processes
  • Educating clients and franchisees about the importance of green services

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cleaning Program Increases Office Productivity

Increase Office Productivity with Jani-King

Studies have shown that office cleanliness plays a vital role in productivity. Office desks contain more than 400 times the number of germs as a bathroom toilet, germs that contribute to U.S. workers taking an average of seven sick days per year. Implementing a cleaning program that prevents germs from spreading can decrease these numbers and increase office productivity.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Which Path do you Seek?

Are you looking to start the year off right with a total care program that incorporates all your specific cleaning needs into a well-structured, managed and executed cleaning schedule? Look no further than Jani-King's management team. We custom tailor cleaning programs for all business types, buildings, and facilities. 

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Secure your Future with Jani-King

Are you resolved to make 2018 a year of success? Well, freedom and stability can be yours with our Cleaning Franchise Opportunities. As the world's largest commercial cleaning franchise company, Jani-King offers great cleaning franchise opportunities for individuals looking to secure their future. 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In with the Clean with Jani-King Commercial Cleaning

Out with the old, and in with the clean with Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Services in Austin Texas. We offer a variety of janitorial service plans uniquely customized to fit your housekeeping needs. We are the global leaders of the cleaning industry! No other commercial cleaning company says “clean” like Jani-King of Austin!

Looking to start the new year off with success? Contact us today to discuss the benefits of joining the Jani-King team as a franchise owner.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Housekeeping Services with Jani-King of Austin

Are you in need of supplemental housekeeping staff? Do you need a partner that can service the entire housekeeping operation? Perhaps, you need an alternative to your overnight cleaning or janitorial service. Jani-King of Austin offers customized cleaning programs for the specific needs of your property.

You can also join the Jani-King team by contacting us today. We invite you to discover the revenue opportunities available exclusively to Jani-King Master Franchisees.

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